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Does my child need an assessment?

Your child may benefit from an assessment if he/she is:

  • difficult to understand

  • below grade level academically

  • has difficulty answering questions

  • frustrated when trying to communicate

  • last assessment was over 3 years ago

Wooden Alphabet Letters

Speech Sounds

Through conversation and picture naming, an inventory of your child's speech repertoire will be gathered.  An oral motor exam will be performed to determine if speech is impacted by the dental structure or the use of the muscles in the mouth. Finally, a report that summarizes finding will be provided to you.

A speech language pathologist can diagnose speech sound disorders, phonological disorders, Apraxia, and orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs).


Language assessments look at your child's ability to understand and use language.  They often include a vocabulary assessment, ability to understand sentences, ability to follow directions and the ability to form sentences in increasing complexity.


A speech language pathologist can diagnose receptive and expressive language delays. 

Childs Pyschologist

Reading & Writing

A reading & writing assessment is complex.  Some or all of these areas will need to be assessed to determine their impact on your child's success.   In BC, a speech language pathologist can determine the presence of a general literacy disorder.  Whether or not your child has had a psychological educational assessment, this assessment will determine why they are struggling and where to start treatment.

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