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Language Therapy

Language is foundational to participating in the world around us. Language is needed to:

  • Follow conversations and class discussions 

  • Talk about what you did on the weekend

  • Write - if you can't tell a good story, you cannot write a good story 

Children's Storybook

Narrative Intervention

Helping your child understand story structure supports comprehension and their ability to tell and write stories.  Personal narratives (talking about something that happened to them) are a powerful way to connect with others.


When a child has difficulty with vocabulary, you might see difficulties with:

  • word finding (word seems to be on the tip of the tongue)

  • describing and defining

  • understanding math word problems

  • storing (learning) and retrieving (remembering) words


Higher Level /
Abstract Language

  • inferencing

  • idioms

  • metaphors

  • similes

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