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Reading & Writing

The National Reading Panel (2020) did a systematic review of the research to determine what areas had the biggest impact on reading success.  They determined it was:

  • Phonological awareness, specifically phonemic awareness

  • Systematic & explicit phonics

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary

  • Oral language for reading comprehension

So, if you child has reading difficulties the underlying difficulties are either:

  • in the sound sound system (phonological awareness, sound letter mapping, sounding out words)

  • in the language system (often Development Language Disorder or Hyperlexia)

  • or both!

Speech language pathologists (speech therapist) work with both the sound system and language components to support students with reading comprehension difficulties. 


"Literacy is an achievement that rests primarily on language processing at all levels, from elemental sounds to the most overarching structures of text." Louisa Moats, teacher, psychologist, researcher

In addition to my Master's level degree in speech and language, I continue to maintain my clinical education hours in the areas affecting literacy so I can provide evidence-based therapy that follows the science of reading. I have extra training in explicit and systematic phonics instruction and fluency.  I'm currently working towards certification as an Orton Gillingham Dyslexia Therapist.

There are many great tutors and programs that are offered out there but they are only as good as the person delivering it! Come experience the difference an SLP can make on your child's reading success!

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