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Reading & Writing

Reading comprehension difficulties arise from difficulties with the sound system, oral language or both.  In Canada, Dyslexia falls under the term Specific Learning Disability in reading.  It is a language-based disorder characterized by difficulty with the sound system (word knowledge). SLPs have Master's level training in both the sound system and oral language meaning they can offer educational therapy with a deep understanding of the foundation impacting a child's success.

Tutoring a Student

My clients have discovered their love for reading with my science of reading aligned approach. With the right approach, we can close the gap for struggling readers. The multi-sensory activities are engaging and make learning fun! Progress monitoring is ongoing and done by a Master's level trained speech language pathologist.  I will meet your child where she/he is at, use personalized strategies and offer just the right amount of challenge to help your child grow!

Arts and Crafts Class


  • Children learn best when they have multiple modes of input.  We use songs, stories, hand cues and mouth cues to make learning stick!

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Structured & Systematic

  • The child masters one level before we add more skills.  Skills are taught in manageable chunks. Complexity increases with each step.

Mother and Daughter at the Table

Customized for all learners

  • Dyslexia

  • Specific Learning Disability

  • ADHD

  • Autism

  • Language disorder

  • Apraxia

  • FASD

Program Overview


consonants & short vowels

At each level the child participates in intensive word work building on higher level phonological awareness skills of blend and segmenting. Fluency and reading connected speech is integral at each stage.


+ consonant digraphs (sh, ch, th, wh)

+  consonant blends (sn, fl, br, etc.)


silent e

Here the child needs to learn when to use short vowel and when to use long vowels.


vowel teams

Vowel digraphs: ea, oa, ee, ai

vowel diphthongs: oi, aw, oo, ew

*typically taught in Grade 2


R-controlled vowels



sight words

Sound letter mapping is requires for successful storage and retrieval of sight words. While phonetically regular sight words are taught throughout, phonetically irregular sight words are taught once the child has mastered the rules.


multi-syllabic words

At this level the child learns the syllable division rules.  Once the syllables are divided they can be read using strategies from previous level.

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